Corporate purpose

The company, in addition to the purpose of dividing profits, also pursues the purposes of common benefit listed below and operates in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner towards people, communities, territory and environment, cultural and social assets and activities, institutions and associations and other stakeholders. Therefore the company, with the exclusion of the activities reserved by law to those registered in professional registers, has as its object the development, production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value in the industrial, agricultural and energy sources fields and more specifically:  
- research, design and implementation of risk mitigation and safety systems in the electrical, environmental, mechanical, IT, seismic and fire prevention fields useful for reducing and/or preventing accidents, damage, disasters and fires or preventing and/or containing the discontinuity of services, even essential for the protection of people, real estate and cultural heritage;  
- research, design and creation of products in the civil and industrial sectors, as well as for the tertiary and naval sectors, aimed at optimizing spaces, making services and the same volumes usable through multiple uses, useful for providing living comfort and environmental well-being ;  
- research, design and creation of systems and products relating to energy saving including the related automations, aimed at making applications efficient for specific uses, also through the adoption of natural and/or recycled materials;  
- research, design and implementation of applications for the transformation of road, agricultural and naval vehicles from traction to fuels and renewable sources;  
- research, design and implementation of automated systems, in the agricultural sector, for protection from harmful and non-harmful atmospheric agents, including robots and automatic systems against weeds and insects, aimed at avoiding and/or reducing the use of chemical treatments and pesticides;  
- research, design and construction of measurement and control instruments suitable for analysing, monitoring and recording transitory phenomena in various sectors, such as, for example, the industrial, tertiary and construction sectors;  
- research, design and construction of desalination systems powered by renewable energy sources suitable for treating water for use in industrial and civil cycles, such as, for example, irrigation;  
- research, design and implementation activities for the optimization of production and technological processes and systems referred to in the previous items, also through the following applications and solutions:  
- hardware and software wot/iot systems, specifically referring to sensors, the survey, monitoring and transmission of certified and non-certified data, and the energy consumption of the relevant devices;  
- software solutions and online services for the monitoring of various quantities, performed manually or automatically through various types of instruments;  
- innovative solutions with high technological value in hardware and software and online platforms, related algorithms with self-learning functions, mobile applications or other web tools in the fields of ITC, the Internet of Things (IoT), the Web of Things (WOT) ) and robotics;  
- software using artificial intelligence algorithms including, if necessary, platforms for aggregate data analysis;  
- innovative IT and telematic products and services, integrated messaging, supply of application services/products.  

The company will be able to manage - also by receiving or transferring them through licensing agreements - trademarks of other companies, as well as patents, new plant varieties and industrial property in general (of third parties or developed in-house), as assets - intangible and otherwise - to be also oriented from a commercial point of view to the innovative activities and purposes of the start-up. It will be able to sell and market every product derived from the managements just mentioned, as well as every innovative system that will be developed after the experiments.  

The company, secondarily, may also carry out the following activities:  
- design, manufacturing, sale and after-sales of consumer electronics products, integrated circuits and assembled boards;  
- monitoring of components on boards, partial assemblies, complete assemblies, complete assembled products;  
- study, research, development, design, creation, revision, installation, management, maintenance and sale of electromechanical services and products and solutions in the fields of: energy, meteorological, medical, cosmetic, agricultural and irrigation, automotive, systems transport (railways, aero/space), industrial automation, robotics, wrapping and packaging, process control, artificial intelligence, monitoring and alarm networks, logistics management systems such as AGV, systems for the optimization of living spaces, equipment and anti-pollution systems and reduction and/or mitigation of environmental, seismic, electrical, fire prevention and similar risks for the protection of people and things.  

The company also pursues the following specific objectives of common benefit, meaning by common benefit the pursuit, in the exercise of the company's economic activity, of one or more positive effects, or the reduction of negative effects, towards people, communities , territories and environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders:  
- research and/or promote technological solutions that contribute to the well-being of people, environmental safety, the protection of plant and living species, the conservation of the natural balance of ecosystems and the preservation of artistic-monumental and cultural heritage;  
- research and/or promote technological solutions aimed at guaranteeing greater safety, better ergonomics and comfort in the use of systems, equipment, systems and structures used by people and organisations;  
- contribute to fueling widespread knowledge of natural and ecosystem dynamics and sustainable behaviors, in order to reduce negative impacts and increase short, medium and long-term positive effects on natural systems and on all plant and living species.  

The company can hire and grant agencies, commissions, representations and mandates, as well as carry out all commercial, financial, securities and real estate operations, necessary or useful for achieving the company's objectives.  

The company may also acquire interests and shareholdings in other companies or businesses of any nature having a similar, similar or connected purpose to its own. It may also issue sureties and other guarantees in general, including real ones, provided they are directly connected with the corporate purpose. All such activities may be carried out on a non-exclusive or prevalent basis, not towards the public and in compliance with current regulations regarding reserved activities. 

Updated: June 23, 2021