FLASH INNOVATIONS deals with the development, production and marketing of INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS and SERVICES with high technological value in the INDUSTRIAL, AGRICULTURAL and ENERGY SOURCES fields.
The main product of which Flash Innovations is the exclusive licensee for production and sale registered under the ARCOSTOP trademark, patented at an international level, is a DC electric arc detection system as a mitigation of any fires which, although rare in their occurrence, in their arise uncontrolled, often have devastating results.
In the anti-seismic sector, the Flash Innovations srl SB company offers the product called SAFEKAT. SAFEKAT is a protection system against the fall of goods (including museums), contained in display cases and furnishing elements, and/or protects electrical/electronic equipment such as Server equipment, etc., from possible failures and/or breakages caused by seismic events; it is under development.
Other products in the agricultural and environmental sectors are under development and research.
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Arc flash in a photovoltaic system can cause fires

ARCOSTOP is the solution
ARCOSTOP series electric arc detection and mitigation system can be installed both in retrofit, i.e. in existing photovoltaic systems, without modifying the original design, and in systems under construction, i.e. new.

The ARCOSTOP detector is exceptionally reliable, it does not give false alarms.

In 2018 it was successfully tested at the Fraunhofer Institute ISE in Freiburg based on the American Standards UL1699B.
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Fires in photovoltaic systems are mainly caused by electric arcs

The most frequent causes arise from poor maintenance such as faulty tightening of the terminals, faulty joints, degraded cables also due to exposure to atmospheric agents, etc...

Photovoltaic systems installed on industrial and commercial buildings introduce relatively new risks that are not controlled by conventional fire protection systems. Fires can occur in hot areas and ignite nearby combustible material, causing dangerous situations, including for people. When an arc occurs, the ARCOSTOP system detects an anomalous frequency and quickly removes the arc before an ignition that turns into a fire occurs.
ARCOSTOP can detect “series” arcs arising from components at any point in the DC circuit of the photovoltaic system under control.
The ARCOSTOP system is made up of toroidal sensors to be placed on the string cables of the photovoltaic system and connected to electronic boards positioned within special electrical panels. Service continuity can be guaranteed by buffer batteries

ARCOSTOP allows you to anticipate the triggering of fire caused by electric arcs, calibrating the device in time and frequency, reducing false alarms. With field calibration it is able to identify the frequencies on which to intervene promptly.

ARCOSTOP commands the opening of the existing protection device on the DC side as well as signaling the event, both visually by switching on a red LED and by sending a voice message.

ARCOSTOP is the lowest cost and most effective alternative to the standard solution which involves the interposition between the roofing and the photovoltaic panels of an EI 30 layer with a non-combustible "layer" as required by the VVF Circular of 4 May 2012.


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